Sunday, May 02, 2004

Hello everybody! 

Rea News first.

Jon has a new job he's been at for over a week and is already making more per month than I am.
We thought it might be fun to go look at houses with the family realtor and ended up BUYING one.
We take possession June 30th and are thrilled at the prospect!
My job is officially secure for another year or two. My manager seems to be grooming me for upward mobility so it's always fun to go to work. I love my job!
This job that Jon has is his last semester of school and a job all rolled into one DFS/Co-op. After minimum 450 hours there he'll be officially done!

WW News now!
I've added Peter and James as administrators to this site. This means that they can email invitations to join the blog. This means we can lock out unfriendly characters - AND - once one of us admins gets a commenting system on the site that too can block IPs from posting comments need be.
The Beta site for WW looks awesome. I didn't get to help out much on the testing but I was glad that Hank would allow me in to at least tinker a bit... heh heh.

Sooo... here's to a new and improved activity level at the WW blog! Cheers!

Monday, February 02, 2004

All quiet on the Western Front 

Hello everyone! Sorry to see there isn't much action happening here or at the Off Site Forum. Everthing Ok there Rea? You haven't been entering very many bills lately, and curiously neither has Puma. Just wondering if you're resting or have some friendly competition going on.

Things are heating up at WW with some new power users keeping La Belle Province on the front page and in a little over 2 weeks 3rd yr Anniversary celebrations will have begun as numerous(lets hope) gatherings will be taking place.

Happy Willying and Happy Ground Hog Day!!


Monday, September 29, 2003

Here ya go... 

New Pics!

rea = sunshine 

That's what I thought as I was reading rea's most recent post.

Good on 'ya, rea! Woo hoo for you!

From now on, I will associate rea's name with sunny fall days where the multi-hued leaves are falling silently, gently, ever so slowly to the earth...where the babbling of a brook is a beacon, announcing a never-ending journey to the sea...where little fluffy dogs are romping through fields without a care in the world.

Errrr....ummmmm....uhhhh...hmmm.....quite a departure for me...must have been something I ate!!!

Monday, September 22, 2003


Any day now I'll have sorted out my online photo collection, deleted a few and added some new ones.

How is it, you ask, that I can add new pictures without a camera?

Well, I got a new one.


I'll be a photo blog YET! :-)

Monday, September 01, 2003

Love it! Love it! Love it! 

Rea, I L-U-V the new features!

WOO HOO!!!!!

Okay...not much to say today.

First off, Rea, get rid of that bad Karma. Don't think of Snappy Woman (sounds like a Seinfeld character!!!). Get her out of your system. Bad karma=just desserts.

Second, welcome to new users!!! Hey, Proteus, I was in Quebec City when the power went off in Ontario. Good timing on my part, huh??? I was on a little road trip ... check out my travelogue...I still have one more entry to make.

Next, I want to promote the Where's Willy Community. Most of you folks probably already know about it, but spread the good word. Besides the posts, there are games and notices and all kinds of neat stuff. And watch for additional "fun features in the future". (Say THAT 10 times real fast!). Enter the Community here.

Rea, speaking of future projects, do you want to do that thing we talked about??? The graphic thing??? E-mail me ... I have some (limited) time in September.

What else? Summer is over (well, not officially, but in reality) and it is back to the grind. I still have some motorcycling days left, and I am planning a group ride around Lake Simcoe at the end of the month.

I went for a drive towards Gravenhurst yesterday ("north" for those of you not familiar with Ontario) and noticed that some of the leaves have started tunrning. Not a lot, but enough to notice. It is also getting a little cooler, so fall is coming. I can't wait for the opportunity to get out and take some pictures of the amazing fall colours.

Okay...I said that I didn't have much to say but I said more than I thought I'd say, so now I will say "Goodbye for now!".

Friday, August 15, 2003


Hi guys! Proteus here. Well, I'm in Montréa, where we have POWER!!! Ah man, sorry, the power outage must suck, but don't worry, Hydro-Québec (the power company) is sending some people over I heard, or even some actual power somehow...

Hang in there!

Thursday, August 14, 2003

New Feature! This title bar! 

Hi everyone, Rea here!

OK with the renewed interest in the wwblog I've changed the template and invited a whack of WW players. If I've missed you and you'd like "in", email me!
If anyone would like to be the interior decorator and take a stab at the HTML for the template, let me know :-)

Um, ya. I'm going to work now - yay work! Yay payday!


Friday, August 08, 2003

Nice to see a new posting in here!! I was begining to wonder if anyone bothered coming here with all the other forums running.

It's been a good day, with the much sought after MB hit(repeat after me, BINGO!) and another one in AB and only 1 bill away from 1000 unique hits.

I noticed the tension in the WW forums as well, particularily where my name was brought up in regards to posting stats. Usually it's hits that I post and now and again my bill summary when it relates to a previous post. Regardless, it's unlikely while indeed annoying, that things will get out of hand again. I think there were points that needed to be made and now that they have, nothing else needs to be added.

Have fun on your trip next week Dougy and let us know how it went! I'll be taking advantage of the 'slight chance of rain' weekend (hard to believe!) and heading up to Port Franks tomorrow.

Hey life is too short to worry about the small stuff right?
Hi y'all...how's it goin'?

Things are pretty busy here in Ontario these days. I'm trying to wrap up a lot of stuff so that I can go on vacation next week .. woo hoo! I am planning a quicky road trip to the Maritimes. If all goes well, I will be attending a WW gathering in Fredricton on August 16th. That would be great, not only for the meeting, but also to spread a few Willies around ... Fredricton and Charlottetown are the only provincial capitals that I don't have hits in.

Nothing else to really report at this time. Rea, I will be in touch next week about that "project" we were discussing.

Oh, I see that there is a little tension heating up in the forums again. I hope that it is temporary, and won't lead to something bigger. Hank just went through a bought of "forum crapping" at WG, and I don't think that he would take kindly to it happening at WW again this year.

On a brighter note, there is only a 30% chance of thunder showers today, so I think that I will ride my bike to work. Haven't done that in a while, so it will be a nice change. I'll just make sure that I take my rain gear with me!!

Tak care everyone.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

I had another chat with nelson today. He thinks it's not his fault everyone is picking on him.
-->They are filling up the forums They are the ones with the problems and they aren't giving him a second chance. He's changed. He wasn't picking on CHJ he was getting back at her for booting him from the chat forum. CHJ was being mean and he was mean back It's not hius fault. I never cheated because my cheating has been deleted thereofr i never cheated. Your Ø is unfair. I don't need to leave whereswilly. I'm friends with hank I'm talking to him right now (via email so right now) i don't need to leave. You're so mean. Things need to change at whereswilly the community needs to get friendlier. I disagree with the Ø thing. I wish people wouldn't bring up the past. you're Ø thing is unfair. forum moderators would pick on me.

a little glimpse into nelson's mind
Today is a disappointing day. On top of the rain (no motorcycle riding, no photography), I can't go to Hamilton for lunch with PeterB and BlindWillyMcTell, a...n....d Hank closed down the WW Public Forums.


An open message to Nelson: You are a world class jerk. Congratulations on your dubious achievements. Why don't your try to your luck over at CDN Money next? I think your job at WW is done.


Friday, May 23, 2003

Just some tidbits of information regarding nelson's views on the crooked nose topic Nels=Nelson you' =Josh
[22:28:29] Nels..: jill kicked me out of the chat one time
[22:28:34] Nels..: and that pissed me off
[22:28:38] Nels..: that is why i did that
[22:29:12] you'..: well i've been kicked out of chat for argueing with
[22:29:30] you'..: we're friends and were just fooling around you get
kicked out if you misbehave and i';m sure you deserved it
[22:29:34] you'..: then you just have to log back in
[22:29:42] you'..: you don't need to be an ass about it
[22:29:52] Nels..: ok nm
[22:29:53] Nels..: i got banned
[22:30:02] Nels..: and so i'm sure they had a big laugh about it
[22:30:10] Nels..: so i had a laugh about that
[22:30:18] you'..: noone laughed about the crooked nose
[22:30:24] you'..: theyu just got mad
[22:30:40] Nels..: i laughed
[22:30:46] Nels..: she got hurt by it i bet
[22:30:46] you'..: anyways i can't wait for the bll tracking study
[22:30:50] you'..: that's going to be fun
[22:30:56] Nels..: the waht?
[22:31:00] Nels..: is it some where in the forums or?
[22:31:04] Nels..: lol i am reading
[22:31:07] Nels..: 108 profile views
[22:31:08] Nels..: lol
[22:31:10] you'..: now she's considering quitting if she does i'm
going to be really friggin mad
[22:31:19] Nels..: she's going to quit for what?
[22:31:24] you'..: it's on the OSF
[22:31:34] Nels..: oh... well i'm not gonna be able to read it then
[22:31:51] you'..: for the decline in the quality of the community at
[22:31:58] you'..: you can read the OSF if you want
[22:32:02] Nels..: i don't wanna
[22:32:05] Nels..: they just beak me
[22:32:06] you'..: www.whereswilly.tk
[22:32:09] Nels..: so......
[22:32:16] Nels..: jill is going to quit because of what?
[22:32:29] you'..: for the decline in the quality of the community at
[22:32:40] Nels..: i'm sorta out of it
[22:32:45] Nels..: can you ecplain that to me a little better?
[22:33:07] you'..: because all that's been happening at whereswilly
recently is this argueing shit
[22:33:13] Nels..: oh
[22:33:18] Nels..: well fuck it lol
[22:33:19] you'..: thats not what the siote is for it's for tracking
[22:33:21] Nels..: let her quit
[22:33:27] you'..: no way she's an awesome person
[22:33:28] Nels..: that's just being babyish
[22:33:34] you'..: the site is not yours buddy
[22:33:36] Nels..: holy fuck
[22:33:44] Nels..: i got 20+ hits
[22:33:48] Nels..: i know it's not mine
[22:33:49] Nels..: i said
[22:33:50] Nels..: let her quit
[22:33:52] Nels..: not make her quit
[22:34:13] you'..: why should she have to quit for something like that
that isn't a reason why she should have to quit
[22:34:22] Nels..: fuck man
[22:34:24] Nels..: she doesn't have to quit
[22:34:26] Nels..: but if she wants to
[22:34:27] Nels..: she can
[22:34:33] you'..: well she's going to because of you
[22:34:42] Nels..: whatever
[22:34:44] you'..: and you don't have the right to be the cause for
someoe to quit
[22:34:54] Nels..: that's just being a baby
[22:34:59] Nels..: she can dish it out
[22:35:01] Nels..: but she can't take it

[22:35:05] you'..: well nelson you've got to be accountable for your
[22:35:05] Nels..: i gotta go tho
[22:35:10] you'..: she doesn't dish it out
[22:35:11] Nels..: i have to shower and shit
[22:35:14] you'..: what are you talking about
[22:35:15] Nels..: she banned me
[22:35:22] you'..: when you come in the forums she stops talking
[22:35:24] Nels..: ok you know when you ban someone?
[22:35:33] Nels..: you can write something
[22:35:37] you'..: well you log back on
[22:35:39] Nels..: on why the person was banned
[22:35:51] Nels..: well she wrote something that made fun of me
[22:35:56] Nels..: and i bet they all laughed at it
[22:35:58] Nels..: so there
[22:36:01] Nels..: she did dish it out
[22:36:14] you'..: no it didn't it was the reason why she kicked you
out it wasn't a beak
[22:36:29] Nels..: naaa man
[22:36:33] Nels..: it was done in a rude way
[22:36:43] Nels..: but for real
[22:36:45] Nels..: i gotta go
[22:36:47] Nels..: i might be back on
[22:36:49] you'..: i laugh every time you make a spelling mistake does
that mean that your spedlling mistake is a beak?
[22:36:50] Nels..: i don't know tho
[22:36:56] Nels..: wow
[22:37:09] Nels..: too bad you made a spelling mistake on the word
[22:37:23] you'..: yeah its to bad but it happens
[22:37:31] you'..: i'm sure you laughed
[22:37:33] Nels..: you've already decided if you're going to talk to
me now you have to understand why .:teamtoast.tk:. says:
how m,uch did he have?
[22:37:38] you'..: and i'm sure you took that as a beak
[22:38:12] Nels..: but ya
[22:38:14] Nels..: i gotta go
[22:38:15] Nels..: so ttyl
[22:38:23] you'..: cya

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Hello Rea, and all you Bloggers out there!! It's nice to see Josh has returned to the fold after a 40 day and 40 night hiatus!! Even better is the fact that Hank put his foot down with Nelson, though he still posts here and continues to grumble at the Money Tracker site. I'm not going to spend all my time ranting about Nelson, though when you think about it, one bad apple is not so bad, as long as you don't alow it to spoil the good ones. Maybe one day Nelson will quit annoying people, cheating and encouraging spats. If Hank could solve the problem with full serial #'s being posted in the comment sections, things would really be going well. I've asked him why this 'faux pas' is not mentioned on the homepage, where the bills are entered. It seems that registered users should know better and I've seen a number of recent hits come up, with it entered in the initial entry.

On a personal note, I'm on a quest to reach 1000 hits before the end of the month. So if I get an average of 4 hits/day for the next 6 days, I'll be joining the likes of recent inductees Liam, and Suds!! My first 500 took 10+ monts to achieve and it looks like this next one will only have taken slightly more than 4 months!!

Last week I received my second Saskatchewan hit, resulting in my first 'two timing willy'. Sarge found the bill and added cdn-money.com to the front of the note after entering it. One of Jason's 'Tracker' notes came into my possesion a long while back and I did the same thing, yet it hasn't been heard of since! At least not on my end. Since then I have decided I would rather just enter the note on their site and spend it, leaving it as is. This way there is no confusion for the next person receiving it. I like to think that when I send my Willies out in the wild, I have taught them well and equipped them for their 'Fantastic Voyage', not needing any additional cosmetic overhauls in order to attract attention. However a number of my bills ask the person entering them(hopefully a WW user) to do exactly that, if for some reason I was unable to mark the back of the bill. While these 'interactive Willies' have received hits, no one has indicated that they marked them.

What a World we live in!! Between the SARS virus and much feared West Nile coming soon, people will end up staying inside their homes not wanting to venture out. It's very unfortunate that the 'big smoke' has to suffer, especially after the 16th victim. This despite reports that new cases have dwindled. My sympathy to the families who have lost loved ones, those that have been quaranteened and those who are in the health care profession, seeing this first hand. In speaking to Lee, it was suggested that any future meetings be put on hold until the dust settles. Personally, working in the service sector, I think the best advice is to go about business as you normally would. Naturally precautions have to be taken, but I would rather put my trust in God than Government as to my future. We can go on and debate this for hours, always in fear that the next person might be the death of you, but what good does it do? 16 deaths out of 4 million and they want to shut down the city?

The good news this week is that Dougy B emailed me to say he was breezing through Kitchener on his way to Windsor. So we're meeting for Lunch and I've invited others to join us. I almost fell off my chair when I read that the former Top Dog and King Willy himself (James)asked to join us along with his wife. I am looking forward to meeting them and catching up with Dougy on all the happenings, as well as trading a few bills and stories. I was almost tempted to email a few local WW addicts urging them to join us, but didn't want to be too forward. A number of them have come across my bills in the past year and surely would like to put a face to the bill, other than the mug Dougy posted. One thing that I may suggest for those who are planning to organize future gatherings, try offering an incentive. While I didn't need to here, I thought that since I didn't have to travel far, those that did might appreciate a little something to take home. So I've decided that each person would draw an inexpensive Numismatic related prize. Some items are a paper money catalogue, money keychains, money pencils, neck tie and something for a child. The souvenier is a surprise, that I hope will catch on, readily available and easily personalized. Basically I had some items around the house that would benefit someone else, in addition to some small items. I'll let you know how it goes early next week.

Take care all and Happy Willying!!


Monday, April 21, 2003

We'll i'm back from the 40 days i took off. Wasn't so bad. Actually it saved me loads of time and got alot of other stuff done including a sweet mother of a website Teamtoast.tk it took quite a bit of work. Anyways chuck the duck (ex-willier) made one on homestead site builder which was pretty cool but it was frigging impossible to update and stuff like that so i took it into my own hands and made one pretty much the same except that it was entirely HTML. lots of time invested but it's worth it. i came back to see another 117 hits and now i'm up to 444. that makes me happy, i got on some pretty big hit streaks while i was gone. anyway i've got all the bills from the whole housse to willy today because they've just been accumulating since we ran out of the willied ones. about a week and a half into lent. anywas i paid for a whole bunch of things in fives just before i left including 200 in heavily marked fives for a missions trip to mexico. Quite a few got hits while i was gone which was nice to see. anyways mexico was awesome. a three day bus ride down and 5 days working injuarez in an inner city gang neighborhood. then 4 days back. man time on the bus is either heaven or hell i'm not quite sure which. it was loads of fun sometimes but eventually you get prety sick of it.

Anyways nice to see nelson is gone i hope hank keeps him off for a few months at least until he's graduated and into university if he's going. he's a pretty smart guy so i'd imagine he's going to one. then he'll be too busy to check forums every 15 minutes and bug the hell out of us. Thats all my opinion. maybe he's gone for good but once' he's out of high school i think he may realise his outlook on life and how other people treat him is taking him nowhere excepot for being popular in high school. maybe he'll get a revelation like van wilder (good movie except for the dog) and pull his life together.

anywas other cool stuff, i recieved a hit from rea. woo hoo! anyways that was much enjoyed. she took pictures of it. so it's nice to see my bill. it's one of the last few i marked on shrove tuesday i think just before i went off for lent so it was kinda messy not the best exampple of my marking techniques and abilities.

Well TOAST out for now


P.S. (that dream was my first and onlyone so far so give me a break)

i looked it up and am going to post it here so that it lives on forever and doesn't get lost in the archives.

I never thought i would hagve dreamt about WW? in my whole life but yesterday night i did. i usually dream about skiing actually i always dream about skiing. but...

okay i was dreaming that i was working on my toast website and a message pops up that i got an email so i click on it and go to the link to the bill. Its taking longer than normal so i go to get milk from the fridge (weird eh?) then when i come back it's just another hit in calgary so i close the window but then as it dissapears i see that it says new brunswick on the page too so i absolutely go nuts and then my computer freezes. so i have to reboot and i'm so excited that i can't type it in to get the page up. then i found out it's only new brunswick in the user note. it says "i was visiting my friend the scud last weekend in newbrunswick and was coming home to calgary and picked this bill up in new brunswick came here and registered it.

so i get a hit in calgary but this was so close to bingo and a wild willy by the king of willies himself the scud.

so then there was a huge debate in the forums if i should be credited with bingo or not even though i don't have a hit there. and the debate goes on and on across three forum pages and robert B comes back out of exile to debate this and it ends up leaking to WG and all of WG comes to have a look and the forums go crazy and hank decides that it is soo close that he's going to have the whole situation assesed by an independant laywer so all these people on whereswilly get interviewed about the technicalities about it and then it comes down to dougy B and affliction and hank having to have a vote over the matter. dougy b votes that it is not a hit but is a wild willy (mean guy hey jk) affliction votes for it being a hit in new brunswick but doesn't count for bingo and it isn't a wild willy because the bill never belonged to the scud (but because i run the wild willy page i put it on there anyways) so hank is the swing vote whatever he decides goes.

then before hank can post his vote on the forum the bill gets deleted from the system because it had too many views and the database went nuts because nelson sent a virus into the system that deletes important hits.

so hank decides that it does count as a new brunswick hit and whereswilly goes wild i get on the front of the new york times and globe and mail. but later on that afternoon scott's fish bill moves on from prince albert and gets a hit in montreal then 2 hours later it is hit in fredricton. i get a truly legitimate bingo and provincial capital bingo all at once.

then i woke up


and heres a Link to the real post so you can read up on the responses if you'd like.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

What's happening at the Blog? The WW Public Forum has become tres nasty again, so I thought I would see what was going on here. There hasn't been much activity here lately. So ... a little about what's going on in my life ...

In January, I was in an auto accident. I was stopped at a red light when I got hit from behind. Nothing too serious, but it did cause me whiplash. The driver of the other vehicle was an elderly man, and I don't think he could see me due to the early morning sun in his eyes. He hit me hard enough to cause his air bag to deploy! The accident happened the day before the Ontario WW gathering, and I didn't seek medical attention until after the get-together. I was in a lot of pain!!! Stiff neck and back. But, all is okay now, with me and the car. Take a look at the accident pics at http://members.rogers.com/dougyb/.

Speaking of the WW gathering, I finally got a hit on one of the bills I traded there! This particular bill was traded with Doug in York. I don't knwo where he spent it (I have to double check my e-mails, becuase he might have told me), but it took a little while to get hit. Of the dozen or so bills I traded that day, it is the only one to have a hit.

I also got a hit from James in London on Valentine's Day. I thought that was great. And, the picture that he used really makes me chuckle.

Issues at the office have been getting hot, with lots of work to do. I have been putting in longer hours than usual, but not crazy hours - usually about 45/week. There is opportunity there for me to advance if I play my cards right, so keep your fingers crossed for me! New job = more moeny = more Willies in circulation.

Other good news is that my employer is sending me to San Jose, California for 4 days. I leave next Saturday and come back the following Wednesday. I know that this is 5 days, but since we are leaving San Jose first thing Wednesday morning and arriving back in Toronto at 5 PM, I don't consider this a day in California ... not even a breakfast! I am going to visit some of our suppliers in Silicon Valley, along with a couple of colleagues, my director, and 2 vice presidents. My work partner Mohamed and I are ditching the execs on Saturday and Sunday. We've reserved a Mustang convertible and are driving to Pebble Beach on Saturday, and going to Frisco on Sunday. Watch my web site's photo page for new pics in the coming weeks.

This is also an opportunity for me to spread some Georges around. I have about 30 or so entered but no hits yet. I just got rid of most of my US bills last week. I sold them to my manager, who is going to Chicago today for a business trip. She is also giving some to her son who is off to Mexico on a vacation this week. It would be nice to get some hits "south of the border", and perhaps even south of the other border too!! So, I am off to the bank this week to get some more Georges for the trip to San Jose.

I'm starting to get the motorcycle ready for the road. I have been corresponding with several riders around the world who have similar bikes (BMW F650GS) ... they have found my web site through search engines and send me e-mail. One fellow in particular, from Australia, has been corresponding with me, asking me for advice on purchasing a bike. He picked up his brand new F650GS recently, and I am really jealous. He recently picked up a silver F650GS (I know, it looks white in the photo, but it is just the lighting). He had the luggage and windshield added, and that is exactly what I want to do with my bike!!! I am jealous becuase it is February and he is riding, and I am stuck writing about it!!!!! I have been speaking with another guy who lives about 20 minutes from me, who is also condering buying this model. I hope he does, so we can go riding together ... most of my biking friends live 60-90 minutes away, so it is sometimes difficult to co-ordinate rides.

Ah well, spring is just around the corner. We have had some melting weather here in southern Ontario, and I am hoping that by the time I get back from Califronia the melt will be seriously underway. I am actually hoping for rain (weird from a motorcyclist, I know) but it will help melt the snow and wash the crap off the road.

I am planning on taking a course this summer that will give me my full motorcycle license (we have graduated licenses in Ontario), and then I will be able to start planning (and saving) for my next big project ... a vacation to New Zealand where I will tour the island on a rented motorcycle (hence the requirement for a full license), take pictures, have a great time, and try to publish a book afterwards. Even if that last part doesn't work out, I will still have a great time!

I am also planning a trip to Ireland this year to visit a friend who just moved there. She is living in the countryside, in a small town called Letterkenny. She is working for Prudential Financial, and has rented a farmhouse. I am thinking of spending a few days in Dublin, then taking a bus (5 hours!!!) to Letterkenny and spending a week or so there. I may even do a side trip to London if I can afford it. I have never been to Europe, so this will be an experience for me. I have started collecting Euros and entering them into EuroBillTracker.com, which is the European equivalent of Where's Willy/Where's George. It should be a great trip, and I plan on taking lots and lots of photographs ... I may have to get some more web space for all the pictures!!!

I was reading about Toast's WW dream today ... pretty weird, Josh. I can't speak for anyone else, but personally I dream about nekid wimmen. Okay, not always, but the dreams I choose to remember are about that!!! Maybe you gotta get out more???? :)

So, Rea, what are you and Jon up to these days? I haven't seen many WW posts from you this past month. Still doing photography??? I like a lot of the pics you post ... let's see some more!!!!!

Well, I've kinda run out of steam. I am going to do a little web site maintenance, perhaps work on the EW for a bit (I have really been neglecting that lately), and then go do a little snow shoveling :(

Take care, everyone!!!

Saturday, January 18, 2003

Well hows life. seeing as this is a Blog let me tell you!

Whereswilly has been taking up a fair bit of my time recently and that means that alot has been happening. The profile competition was postponed till next weekend when it will run 20 profiles or not. we're at 12 now i think there will be 15 for sure but i really do hope on 20. It should be fun. there are alot of amazing poriles out there. Some of the "extremely hacked" profiles for example andrew and Gold P aree pretty neat. i really like that. and i may do so after i'm finished with the competition up until them i'll just keep it how it is. The hit leader pages are going great, it's not so much of a milestone to achieve as it it to cee how much of a strangle hold Rea has on alberta =) Anyways, i'm getting a reasonable amount of hits lately but i'm not entering enough bills to climb the ranks i've been stuck between 32 and 36 since christmas and i've never poked my head into the 20's yet which would be a real treat. anyways i hardly have any money to spend so that kinda hurts.

anyways nelson is still nelson but ther are only 13 more days to put up with him because he's quitting end of january (believe anything he says?? well we'll see)


Saturday, January 11, 2003

How's everyone today?

Well, it finally had to happen, and probably for the better anyway. My 44 day hit streak came screaching to a halt, giving Rich another chance to stay ahead of me. I've been spending WAAAAAAAYYYYYY too much time with my Willies and have to play catch up now. Maybe Rich will finally get enough sleep, seems the coffee isn't helping much!

One more week until the big meeting in Yorkdale!! I've gathered some beauties(marked bills, not what you're thinking!) for spending, trading and just to show off!! Since we no longer have a Casey's in the Golden Triangle and I'm closing in on my first anniversary with WW, this will be a real treat!! Hey all you guys within 100 km of Yorkdale, let Lee know you're coming, and let's make it the best post New Year's, pre Super Bowl party ever!! So far it looks like about 6+ people will be attending. Is that the norm Rea for such a meeting(you've had a few), or do just the diehards attend stuff like this?

Lot's of interesting reading in the forums lately, if you can ignore Nellie(he hasn't been beaking anyone lately, though I may be wrong!)! Between Doug, Toast, Bubba and Robert they're doing their share to keep WW interesting by lending their talents and time to these terrific pages of theirs. I still think we have the best tracking site going!! Did you know the other guys are limited to 5 bills per day as new members? Hell when I joined, I was stamping and entering everything I could get my hands on! We're way more user friendly! I keep finding bills from the other site(5 so far since Sept.), and while I've been faithfully entering them, would rather find a 'Willy' than a 'Tracker'.

Have a great week!!

Sunday, December 29, 2002

I really, really, really, REALLY want to rant about Nelson.

But I won't.

I will go outside and cool off instead.

Monday, December 23, 2002

Happy howlidays
So Jon was walking through Eau Claire with his Mom (who is visiting from Florida for Christmas) and the guy who runs the Egyptian place says to him "Merry Christmas!" and Jon says "Have a great day!" - so the guy cirps back at him... "When a Brown guy tells you Merry Christmas, you say Merry Christmas back!" So Jon giggled and said Merry Christmas. As he should. I do think all the PC folk worrying to extremes that calling it Christmas offends people is a little tedious. Sometimes PC goes a bit too far, sometimes not far enough - but I do think that saying Merry Christmas is 'kosher'. :-)

News: Last day of job was today. Mom-in-law got into town last night, so we got to pick her up AND see Sarah who was working in her bright "Don't run me down" yellow fleece. I had the time and tact to diss (diss?) the colour right in front of the boss's best friend - tho yellow is a great colour it was just a little too much what with the rest of their logo stuff being bright caution-yellow too... I'm so bad.
Very cool to see Sarah at last, hopefully we can find each other over the holidays to xchange prezzies.
-Dad has been healing well, the wrist is puffy and looks like a work of Dr. Frankenstein, but isn't going to be that bad we think.
-All I want right now is to sleep in. I suppose that means I have to go to bed and that it has to be night? Damn.
-The malls are crazy busy and I don't know if I want to brave them just to show Jon's mom Dee a good time. I have this aversion to being around stressed out people, so who knows if I'll have my way and get to snuggle with a nice glass of wine instead. I wonder if I have enough presents??? I suppose I should check my list twice. That being said, I think I need a list. Damn again.
-It's getting to look a lot like nap time - so here I go. Bye!

Monday, December 16, 2002

It's been a while since i posted on here i've been pretty busy with all that leading up to chritsmas stuff. The extra time i've had though i've been putting into the Been There Done That page and rebuilding me profile after the crash =(.

First things first my whole profile got deleted by accident, man i'm a moron hey. well it's taken a while to rebuild it but i like it more now than before. What took me the most time was rebuilding all those links to my milestone bills. My profile's nice i guess but now that Rea's taken it so much further mine almost seems bad. which i know it's not i think it kind of still rates up there among some of the best. the best thing i think about rea's profile is how the background doesn't scroll that's just amazing. I've got a few cool new things going on like a photo of the day, from The lakes district in England (i lived there for a year two years ago if that makes sense) It's a really nice part of the world.

The BTDT bills page was kind of my own idea inspired by This Bill I think it was mentioned a while back aswell to make a list of these type of bills. So i did. The basic criteria is that a bill must be registered twice from the same type of location but There are obviously to many of some kinds like "from the bank" so there are restrcitions on those you can read more about what actually counts on The Website There are more and more bills showing up but i know there are still more out there that we need to find. however lots of bills on there are ones i find in "hits today" myself i'm not sure how long i'll keep that up probably not so song maybe untilll there are 100 bills on the site. i think we should get ther sometime in febuary however of course we'll never have all of them.

Last recent news is that i got a rubber stamp for christmas from my brother it's just the URL but i like it fine. i still write on each bill but if i have large amounts of bills say from selling cars and stuff in cash i can just go easy but i still get them all marked it's alot easier. i hope it helps with hit rate, i always made sure it was easy to read. maybe it'll help i don't know exactly

And i really hope this ski season gets going and then we can get some more pictures in the Toast section. of my profile. i think i'll have quite a few by the end of the season. i sure hope some of my friends get decent at picture taking because it seems i'm always the one taking pictures and it really would help for when i start pulling off photo-worthy tricks that i get some nice pictures. I hope i can land a backflip this year and if i do i'll sure want some pictures because you alwyas look better upside down don't you??

that's about all that's new for me «TOAST»

Saturday, December 07, 2002

Michael Franti and Spearhead are inspiring folk.

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday. I had a comedy-of-errors dinner at Smugglers with Jon (which was good once we finally got the right food/table/bill), and got to open some presents at home. My sister Carm got me the newest Michael Franti CD (see above link)! He's a reggae-style human rights activist with some cool stuff to say, and for sure groovin' music. Mom and Dad bought me new funky specs, Jon's parents gave me my radioio.com subscription (and a US $ cheque! Whoo hoo!), and Jon gave me some cool ornaments and a Cranberry Body Shop sampler set which smells yummy. I also got some nice birthday emails from Dad, Cheryl, Roxanne, and Sarah... I love you all!

Needless to say, the dinner had some mystery gluten in it and my morning wasn't so hot. Damn gluten.

All in all it was a nice birthday. I'll have to have a real party/get-together because Sarah was stuck at work. Damn work. ;-)

Sunday, December 01, 2002

Hi y'all!

I've been a busy little (dougy)B the last little while. Folloinw Rea and Toast's examples, I created a graphic bill description insert. I plan on changing them over time, to reflect the season, or a festive event, or whatever. To that end, I also created a Christmas insert.

Also, I have a good story to tell with respect to some bills. I made a Special Money insert, which tells the tale. The bills were found at a Casey's restaurant in Toronto, the same place that is planned for a get-together in January. I think that is good karma!

Also, I entered my 3,000th bill today! Woo hoo! I don't know if I was happier putting in #3,000, or simply beating Nelson to that mark. He and I hav been battling for 6th spot in the "Bills Entered" category for a few weeks. Now that I made it to the "3K" club, I can slack off for a while!!!

Finally, I am going to place a special order for bills at the bank. I want some crisp bills to use as birthday presents, Christmas presents, etc. Most of the bills that I have been getting lately have been absolutely junky, so I am going to lean on my banker to get me some good ones!

Well, gotta run, it's dinner time in this neck of the woods!


I slept in again today, gee it was tough.

-Jon is putting together our Christmas present wardrobe my parents got us early (because we need it badly), so there are big white tall pieces of wood that are slowly becoming the REKKE model.
-I'm playing lazertag with Karen and Vik from Where's Willy today :-) Yay! If that's a blast then I might hang out with them, but I do have the option of stopping by the TM Christmas party if I want.It would have to be, like Sarah, going after 8:30 because we didn't buy a ticket for the dinner and we didn't work enough hours to qualify for the prizes. Holy stingy... and I hate to not sound grateful but there isn't even transportation provided so I know there will be DUI's in the party, like last year, and that's just too stupid for me to associate with. Yeah yeah, now I'm a snob, but I warned three senior staff members about the DUI's from last year and nothing was done to prevent that this year. How arrogant, liable, and thoughtless that was. Please comment and tell me good reasons why I might be overracting, since I somtimes get focused beyond the obvious. And I've lost touch with the gang that worked there with me, except for Sarah and Cheryl, and Sarah is going with DB&D who don't have anything in common with me but her, so I'd be a bit out of place. No matter, I'll amuse me self.

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